2015 MDO Testimonials

My son absolutely loves MDO. He asks, “Can we please go to school?”  Miss Lisa and Mary Beth as well as Miss Kelly are awesome and my son adores them. He comes home with a great art project each week, sings songs he has learned at school, and asks for his school friends. He gets excited when we talk about going to school and says, “yay school”.  Miss Debbie is a jewel, always positive with a great smile on her face. We have truly enjoyed our Mother’s Day out experience and would whole heartedly recommend the program to other families.

We are so happy that Liliana was able to be a part of MDO! I have loved watching her grow and change over the course of the program. It has provided her an opportunity to become more independent while still feeling safe and loved by her incredible teachers and Miss Debbie. She wakes up every morning and asks if it is Friday so that she can go to “Miss Debbie’s School!” We are so sad that this program is ending and will truly miss Miss Debbie, Miss RoseannE, Miss Paula and our new friends!
Jilliana Santora

The MDO 3’s program was FANTASTIC!!!  My son was still struggling with potty-training last summer and what a gift it was not to have him be fully trained by the start of school.  The teachers were fun, motivating, creative and loving and gave my little guy such a wonderful year of exploring, discovering, playing and learning.

Mother’s Day Out is an amazing program!  My daughter looks forward to going every week and pops out of bed on Tuesday mornings and shouts, “I am ready for school.”  I never once had to convince her to go.  As parents, our favorite part of MDO is how many hands on activities they do with the children.  The teachers aren’t afraid of the mess that will occur when giving two year olds paint and glue which is wonderful.  We also love getting an e-mail every week about what she will be doing in school.  This really helps us start conversations with her when she gets home about what she did that day.  The nurturing environment they have given her at MDO this past year has been amazing.
The Durand Family

My daughter has been watched by a babysitter at home since she was born. We felt it was time to introduce her to some type of nursery school, though. I am so happy I chose MDO. She’s done very well with the separation from Day 1, and I do feel that it has much to do with her teacher and the care given to her. It is a very well rounded program and they do so many fun things with the kids each week. They also take pictures on most weeks and email them to the parents. This means a lot to a mom who works full time and doesn’t get to spend much time at home. It feels good to see these pictures and know that she’s happy and having fun.

MDO provides such a special, comforting and encouraging environment for my daughter. This is her second year with the program and I am so confident that she has gained the emotional as well as educational skills for preschool 4. The teachers are beyond dedicated and have warming personalities that the kids gravitate to. Thank you for being a part of my daughter’s life!
The Daly Family

My son truly loved his experience at Mother’s Day Out! The staff is very nurturing and the small classes helped provide some early structure. He made some wonderful friends and so did I! They always come up with creative projects and nothing beats seeing his enormous smile as he walks out of class with his new masterpiece. It’s great to be able to have a few hours to yourself while your child is enjoying some playtime with a lovable and fun group of friends!  —  
The Minella Family

Mother’s Day Out has truly been a God send for our family. We are very pleased with the program and the school’s atmosphere. This is my son’s second year. We were thrilled to hear that they started a threes program this past year and signed him up without hesitation. Our younger son will be attending the twos program in the fall. The program director and teachers are all wonderful people and have gone above and beyond for us in many ways.  — 
A very grateful mom.  Shelton, CT

My daughter came to Mother’s Day Out quite hesitant and shy, but now runs into the classroom excitedly. She has become so secure and confident in her school environment – and we see it positively impacting all aspects of her world. And that, to me, says so much. Her teachers are really wonderful – nurturing, creative and so dedicated to each child. It was invaluable to have peace of mind each school day knowing she was in such caring hands. We truly loved this program and will miss Mother’s Day Out when the school year comes to an end!



2014 MDO Testimonials

Mother’s Day Out…the Best thing to happen to us as a Family in 2013 !!  Love it Thanks to our Birth23 Therapist who referred us to Ms. Debbie and MDO. And thanks to the families who had to move out of town to make place for us in MDO. God Bless them all.
It has been a blessing for us to have met Ms. Debbie who has the Lord’s blessing to do the good work that she does…the way she and her staff take care of our children, the small little things that she does (sending fellow classmates and their parents contacts to fix play-dates), the Mom’s mornings that she plans for us with free childcare, sharing links with recipes and healthy food for our toddlers, introducing us to Ms. Kelly Grich a great Massage Therapist, the way she shares her wisdom, learning, parenting skills and the Lord’s words…and lots more.

For all the parents of toddlers…the best thing that we can do for our children is to try and get them into MDO…..playing and learning in a nurturing environment and also a little break for the Mom’s
Nidhi Saini – Shelton Mom of now 2.5 yrs old Raunak Veer Saini


As a new Mom I was scared of leaving my child especially since I never left him with anyone other than family.  MDO not only provided a nurturing environment for my child but for me as well.  Miss Debbie saw my hesitation and text me pictures of my son every hour so I knew he was transitioning well.  Truth be told, he adjusted to the separation much better than I did.  He is now in his second year of MDO and I truly feel that my child is flourishing but most importantly for me, I feel he is loved.  As a ministry of the church, the staff are passionate about their career path.  I feel confident that staff are committed to my child and are called to this profession.  MDO comes with my highest recommendation.
Colleen Mabasa

Mother’s Day Out is a great program! My daughter had a tough transition in the beginning but with their dedication and sensitivity to her she now looks forward to the school day. I love watching how much she enjoys her new friends. I couldn’t thank them enough!

I really can’t say enough great things about MDO in Trumbull so let me just say this: This is the first experience my daughter had being by herself in an unfamiliar setting away from family & she excelled. What a positive experience all around from the teachers, to the director, to the peace of mind you get knowing your child is safe & well cared for. They really treat your child as if they were their own. If we are fortunate enough to have more kids they will undoubtedly be going here. My husband & I only wish we could send her more & they had preschool!:) It will be a sad day for our daughter & for us when the school year is over. I have never before given a testimonial but felt compelled to with this program.
The Centopani Family,
Trumbull, CT

I have found the program to be so rewarding for me let alone the child. Skye had not socialized with many children outside of her sister and a couple of cousins before starting this class, so she was ready and also needed what this program offers. The interaction with her peers, which includes learning to share, listening to others and becoming more independent for herself, has opened her world up. She responds better to instructions and even offers to be involved with activities at home like setting the dinner table. These things are all  rewards for me too. I think a child who comes from a class smiling and telling you, ” I had a GREAT day” says it all!

My son thoroughly enjoys attending the MDO program. He gets excited when we round the corner on Wednesday mornings and says “that’s my school!” when he sees the building. It has been such a positive experience for the whole family and a great introduction to a school setting. As his mother, I love that he gets to be part of a consistent group which includes wonderful classmates and teachers. When I drop him off in the morning there is no doubt in my mind that he is being well cared for in addition to learning and having fun in a clean, bright, spacious atmosphere. Then, when I pick him up in the afternoon he always greets me with a look of fulfillment on his little face. The benefits are priceless.
Carla, Shelton, CT

“Over the past 4 years I have sent my two children through the MDO program and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a mom.  The program was their first experience away from me and it truly I believe, laid the foundation for their future preschool experience.  At MDO, two year old children get to experience many things they do in a preschool program.  The teachers provide a safe, loving, and fun learning environment where the children create projects, learn songs, listen to read-a-louds, and learn to interact with peers.  The staff at MDO are incredible and willing to work with your child wherever they are at.  They are so accommodating and continue the work you do at home in terms of behavior, potty training, eating habits, etc.

Not only did my children have wonderful experiences in the program, it allowed me to have some rare, but very much needed “ME” time.  Having four consecutive hours to myself allowed me to recharge my battery and in turn made me a better mom.  I recommend MDO wholeheartedly and without reservation to anyone.  There is no other program around like it!”
Jennie Frost, Stratford

“MDO has been a constant source of faith, trust, and growth for my son and myself. I feel confident and comfortable leaving my child in the hands of such skillful and compassionate individuals and he feels happy being amongst such amazing teachers and friends. Everyone wins with MDO!”
Jen Baglio Stratford

“We are grateful to the MDO program.   The staff is extremely warm, friendly and open to sharing their expertise on child development.  Since starting the program our son has increased both his vocabulary and ability to positively interact with other children.  I would highly recommend the program!”
Mom from Trumbull

I can’t say enough good things about the wonderful program that is Mother’s Day Out. After attending the program, my older son had a seamless transition to preschool since he was already aware of what “school” expectations were. This includes circle time, how to interact with teachers and with his peers in a structured environment. My youngest son is currently in the program. He looks forward to it all week and is so proud of the fabulous art projects he creates there. I love to hear about all the fun things he has done at school, and he loves that he also gets to go to school just like his big brother!
Geri, Trumbull